I am a philosopher and social scientist with experience in the areas of design, labor, feminist science and technology (STS). My previous work dealt with the critical aspects of design and its possibilities for fostering political agency. My latest work explores the different ways in which the highly contested and profitable category "make" is produced and gains value today across the world specially the global south. I am interested in the way the socio-technical praxes and discourses that constitute “making” intersect with broader discourses about labor, technology, education, race, disability, gender, neoliberalism, colonialism and imperialism. 

I am a PhD student in Communication and Science Studies at the University of California San Diego. I hold an MA in Design Studies from Parsons the School of Design and a BA in Humanities and Philosophy by PUCP

I also manage  The Instructions Archive; a virtual collection of instructions, manuals, and protocols. 




I also have two cats, one named Stela and another named George Michael.